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Amy's Story

Amy walked into my studio saying she desperately wanted to lose weight. After speaking to her and finding she hated all foods that were in my nutritional programs i decided I would put her on a flexible nutrition diet. Amy then saw me twice a week where I designed HIIT like programs to suit her level and increased this as she got stronger and fitter. It has not been easy for Amy but with lots of side line coaching, training hard and watching her diet Amy is looking the best she has in years. Amy still has more to lose but i have no doubt that she will reach her goal. Since this photo Amy has lost a further 3kg.

Jacqui's Story

As a trainer our main goal is to make our clients happy and to do our best to help them achieve their goals. I am proud to say that Jacqui definitely achieved those goals after losing and many inches. Jacqui was very specific on the body shape she wanted making it clear she did not want big muscles only to be toned. So that's what we did.

Brooke's Story

This is Brooke who has totally transformed herself from a every day kind of girl into a healthy, fit, strong, young women that now loves nothing more then to weight train and workout in the gym. Brooke has been seeing me off and on for a few years, but life always seemed to get in the way until she decided 8 months ago to come back, work hard and totally commit herself and as you can see Brooke did just this. Brooke has reached her desired weight and is happy with her toned, healthy body so will continue working with me to maintain her new lean look, while concentrating on getting stronger and building a little more definition.